DRESS UP & DANCE Fancy Dress & Dancewear is referred to as DRESS UP & DANCE in this agreement.

These are the full terms and conditions under which DRESS UP & DANCE agrees to let on hire costumes and accessories as detailed on the Simple Hire Agreement. It is subject to the hirer agreeing, entering into and signing the form overleaf. 

Hire Period: The hire period is from the date and time of collection until close of business on the agreed return date shown on the hire contract.

Extended hire is available, by prior arrangement with the management, at a cost to be determined by DRESS UP & DANCE in addition to the initial hire fee.

Once costumes have left our possession they are the hirer’s full responsibility/risk until DRESS UP & DANCE receives them back.

Cancellations/Non-Collection: Hire fees are not refundable on cancellation or non-collection (at the management’s discretion, this term may be waived in extreme circumstances).

Booking/Hire Fees: Full payment is required at the time of the written confirmed booking with positive proof of identity – showing current address. If additional costumes or superior options are needed at a later date after booking, full payment should be paid straight away, but with prior management permission the owing fees can be deducted from the deposit.

All credit/debit cards are to be in the name of the hirer.

Children under the age of 18 may not hire costumes without their parents’ consent.

Late Returns: An item is deemed late if returned after close of business on the agreed day of return.

Late returns will incur further hire charges at the rate of 25% of the hire fee per day per item for each day, or part thereof, item(s) are retained after the hire date and so long as no further hires are lost due to the late return. In the event of DRESS UP & DANCE losing a hire due to the late return a further full hire cost will be charged in addition to the penalty rate.

Deposit: A deposit, of at least two times the hire fee, is required, in addition to the hire fee, to cover costs in the event of loss or damage to hired items. We prefer this to be by way of credit/debit card authority in which case the money will not be taken unless the item is returned damaged or lost. Signing and accepting DRESS UP & DANCE’s terms and conditions and providing your credit/debit card details to us for the purpose of security deposit authorises DRESS UP & DANCE to debit that account in the event on non-return, loss or damage.

All credit/debit cards are to be in the name of the hirer. 

In the case of the deposit being paid by cash, the money will be deposited securely and will be refunded in full once the return of the hired goods are checked for damage and within the agreed period.

The deposit does not cover the full replacement cost of the costume. We reserve the right to charge up to the full replacement cost of any item.

Deposits must be paid prior to the hire goods leaving the shop.

Fitness for purpose: DRESS UP & DANCE makes no representation as to the size, physical fit or historical or other accuracy of any item or accessory supplied on hire. The contract is purely in regard to the supply of the specified items for the agreed period. The customer must satisfy him/herself prior to the hiring as to the fitness or otherwise of any item for their intended purpose. Acceptance of the item(s) at the commencement of the hire period implies that the item is complete and undamaged unless any faults or defects are notified to DRESS UP & DANCE staff prior to the customer leaving the premises.

Loss or damage not notified to us until the end of the hire period will be considered as having occurred within the hire period and the deposit in whole or part will be forfeit.

DRESS UP & DANCE reserve the right to supply a suitable alternative in the event of loss or damage to the reserved costume occurring between the booking being made and the hire date. We will however notify to this effect as soon as possible.

Covenants of the Hirer: The Hirer agrees with DRESS UP & DANCE as follows:

  1. to be solely responsible for the costumes to their full replacement value or to the value as specified at the time of hire, at all times from the moment the costumes leave the premises of DRESS UP & DANCE until their return to DRESS UP & DANCE’s premises or as DRESS UP & DANCE shall otherwise direct;
  2. to take proper care of the costumes and to take responsibility for all loss and damage to the costumes however so caused during the period of hire;
  3. to be responsible for the delivery of the costumes from and to DRESS UP & DANCE’s premises. The Hirer remains responsible for delivery where DRESS UP & DANCE makes arrangements for delivery as agent on behalf of the Hirer;
  4. to use the costumes for the purpose expressly indicated to DRESS UP & DANCE at the time of the order and not for any other purpose except by agreement with DRESS UP & DANCE;
  5. not to damage the costumes or permit them to be damaged in any way;
  6. not to make any amendments, modifications or additions to the costumes or alter them in any way;
  7. to permit DRESS UP & DANCE and any person duly authorised by DRESS UP & DANCE at all reasonable times to inspect the costumes and for the purposes of carrying out the same, to have access to any premises where the costumes may be situated;
  8. to keep the costumes at all times in his/her possession and control and not to remove or permit the removal of the same from the UK without the consent in writing of DRESS UP & DANCE;
  9. to notify DRESS UP & DANCE immediately of any change of address and, upon the request of DRESS UP & DANCE, to notify DRESS UP & DANCE of the location of the costumes;
  10. not to sell, assign, let, pledge, mortgage, charge, encumber, part with possession of or otherwise deal with the costumes or any interest therein nor to assign the benefit of the agreement nor to create or to permit the creation of any lien on the costumes;
  11. to keep the costumes free of any distrait, distress, execution or other legal process;
  12. to insure the costumes to their full replacement value with a reputable insurance company against loss or damage by accident, fire and such other risks, if any, against which it is usual to insure the costumes;
  13. to notify DRESS UP & DANCE immediately of any loss, or damage to the costumes and to pay DRESS UP & DANCE the full cost of the replacement or repair of the costumes.

Reservations/Bookings: When DRESS UP & DANCE agrees to reserve for the hirer particular costumes until a specified date, the hirer agrees to pay the reservation/booking charges agreed between DRESS UP & DANCE and the hirer.

Liabilities: Upon the return of the costumes, DRESS UP & DANCE will as soon as practicable check the condition of the costumes, in the event that the hirer is not present then the decision of DRESS UP & DANCE as to the accuracy of the checking in procedure is final and binding on the parties. Any discrepancy will be communicated in writing to the hirer as soon as practicable.

General: These terms and conditions shall for the basis of the entire Agreement between parties and no agreements or additions shall be made unless agreed between the parties in writing – see “Simple Agreement of Costume Hire”.

This Agreement is made in England and is governed by English Law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts as regards any claim, dispute or matter arising out of or relating to this agreement. Also, see “Simple Agreement of Costume Hire”.